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Type Designer

Typedesigner.de is a project to present Sergej Lebedev’s font families to all designers, design agencies and publishing houses in the world. Sergej Lebedev is a German communication designer with many years of professional experience in type design, graphic design and corporate design. He studied at the Trier University of Applied Sciences, where he successfully graduated in communication design in 2003. The main focus of his creative work is on corporate design and type design. His typeface families are used by designers, design agencies, corporations, publishers and advertising agencies for print and web design.

His goal is to create high quality fonts that serve as an excellent basis for any design project, be it advertising, corporate design, graphic design, interfaces, logotypes, posters, TV design or web design. As a type designer, he has released several popular font families in recent years, including Alicante Sans, Bilbao Sans, Client, Desk Sans, Genua Sans, and Ostende Gothic. On this website you will find more information about his font families.

Type Design

Type design is the visual conception and creation of font families. Designing a legible text-based font family is one of the most challenging tasks in communication design. Digital type design is a technological process that combines elements of art, design, typography and applied science. Contemporary typefaces are an important visual component of a company’s corporate identity and corporate design.

The exact meaning of the term typeface changes over time. Modern type design technology can reproduce almost any character from a digital font.

Each font in a family has a specific style, weight, width, italic or roman. The complete set of fonts in a typeface is called a typeface family. The benefits of a professionally designed typeface include a variety of weights and styles, carefully considered kerning pairs, and OpenType features. The most important OpenType features are capitals to small caps, denominators, fractions, ligatures, numerators, slashed zeros, subscripts and superscripts.

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