Bilbao Sans font family

Bilbao Sans, a modern font family, is intelligently designed and engineered for print and screen publications. Bilbao Sans has an aesthetic, modern look, international character set and many OpenType features. The font family Bilbao Sans consists of 6 weights (Thin, Extra Light, Light, Regular, Medium, Bold) and Obliques for each format. Modern letter shapes give the font family a high recognition value. Each font was manually hinted to ensure great web and desktop performance. This font family is well suited for graphic design, communication design, corporate design, product design and web design. Bilbao Sans was named after the beautiful Bilbao city in Spain, a major city in the province of Biscay in the autonomous community of the Basque Country.

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The Latin (Std) fonts of the Bilbao Sans font family contain characters for the following languages:

Tok Pisin, Tumbuka, Afar, Afrikaans, Breton, Bosnian, Asturian, Catalan, Corsican, Czech, Welsh, Bemba, Bikol, Danish, German, Cebuano, English, Esperanto, Spanish, Estonian, Basque, Finnish, Fijian, Faroese, French, Irish, Galician, Hungarian, Indonesian, Icelandic, Italian, Friulian, Cornish, Hiligaynon, Latin, Luxembourgish, Ganda, Lithuanian, Latvian, Malagasy,Maori, Malay, Maltese, Dutch, Chichewa, Karelian, Occitan, Polish, Portuguese, Quechua, Kirundi, Romanian, Kinyarwanda, Sardinian, Sango, Slovak, Samoan, Shona, Somali, Albanian, Swedish, Swahili, Tswana, Turkish, Tsonga, Tahitian, Pangasinan, Papiamento, Aromanian, Walloon, Wolof, Sicilian.
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